Guidelines for GST fusion

Jason Lei leij at
Thu Mar 3 08:34:36 EST 1994

One graduate student in our lab had problem in using pGex for making
fusion protein.  She only saw the right size (~64 kD) once; all other
trials revealed only a size (~50 kD) of seemingly degraded product.
She wondered if there are general guidelines (or source of such 
guidelines) for making proteins by GST fusion.

By the way, she tried both DH5a and JM105 (cultured overnight in 2XYT 
with or without IPTG induction) with the same results.  She certainly
would appreciate any ideas on this problem or guidelines for using pGex.

Jason Lei
				   Jason Lei                            
			       Purdue University                    
			    West Lafayette, IN 47907             

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