Bicinchoninic Acid (BCA) protein assay

Dean Danner Lab djdlab at
Thu Mar 3 11:42:16 EST 1994

In article b4n at, mordret at sbr (Guy.Mordret) writes:
>I have got some BCA (Bicinchoninic acid) in powder from Pierce and
>I would like to know the concentrations of sodium carbonate,
>sodium bicarbonate and sodium tartrate solutions in which I
>could dissolve the BCA reagent to obtain the reagent A as described 
>in PIERCE protocol.
>Thank you in advance

The bottle does not say the concentrations all it says is "Contains: Sodium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate, BCA detection reagent, and sodium tartrate in 0.1N sodium hydroxide".  Have you tried calling PIERCE 31-1860-19277 (in Europe)?
Margaret Lanterman

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