no product, Promega kit?

the End jgraham at
Thu Mar 3 10:57:35 EST 1994


Make your 10X salts solution and make it at 5X, and don't freeze it,
but filter sterilze and store at room temperature.

200 mM KCl
50 mM Tris-Cl (8.3)
7.5 mM MgCl
0.05% gelatin

We also add 0.05% NP-40 deteregent and 5% Acetamide (10/100 ul of 50%) to
all final reactions. I add MgCl to 2.5 mM when using plasmid targets.

If that fails, reconstitute a new batch of dNTPs

If that fails, purchase some new Taq polymerase (fully licensed for PCR of 
course ;)

Now throw away the silly "PCR Kit".

It is essential that you be able to trouble-shoot the components of the 
reaction yourself (at this stage), as later on that skill will be 
necessary in your own experiments.

Best wishes,

J. Graham

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