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Rick Hershberger rphershb at facstaff.wisc.edu
Fri Mar 4 00:04:39 EST 1994

In article <CM3sHL.IHo at ucdavis.edu>, dobates at ucdavis.edu (Dave Bates)

> Can anyone who has used DNA analysis programs give a short review of
> what they think of them. Especially if you have ever used more than one
> and can give a comparitive review. ...
> I would specifically be interested in reviews for MacVector, Geneworks,
> DNAsys, Gene construction Kit, MacPlasmid (??).

Peter Markowitz (sp?) from UCLA has written an excellent overview of just
about all of the available molecular biology software for the macintosh.  I
don't know how current the file is, but it's available via anonymous ftp
from ftp.bio.indiana.edu in directory /molbio/mac/pm-macinmolbio.txt.  I
suspect the other files named pm-something are Peter's reviews also, and
are applicable to your question.  Peter's done a really nice job with this
comparison - a "must read" for prospective buyers.  It even covers

My personbal bias is Gene Construction Kit.  If most of what you need it to
do is plan and track cloning projects, it's got a nice interface.

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