seek antibody to HTLV-1

Marion Freistadt mfreis at
Fri Mar 4 13:34:18 EST 1994

>Does any one know of a supplier for antibodies (mono or poly)
>to HTLV-1 virus?  I appreciate any info
>Raj Shankarappa
>bsh at
Strangely enough, I made the same request some time ago to the virology
net.  Rubin Donis directed me to "AIDS Research and Reference Reagent
Program Catalog" from USDHHS, Public Health sErvice NIH NIAID. It includes
HTLVI reagendts.  call 301-340-0245 or write Ogden BioServices Corporation,
685 Lofstrand Lane, Rockville, MD  20850.  The service and reagents are
free (except shipping charges).  You have to register first.  Good luck

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