Bicinchoninic Acid (BCA) protein assay

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> Hi!
> I have got some BCA (Bicinchoninic acid) in powder from Pierce and
> I would like to know the concentrations of sodium carbonate,
> sodium bicarbonate and sodium tartrate solutions in which I
> could dissolve the BCA reagent to obtain the reagent A as described 
> in PIERCE protocol.
> Thank you in advance
> Guy Mordret Cell Cycle Lab Station Biologique Roscoff FRANCE
> email: mordret at 

I don't have the recipe easily at hand but the reference is Analytical 
Biochemistry, V150, p76-85 Smith et al: Measurement of protein using 
bicinchoninic acid.
I use 200ul BCA soln + 20ul sample in a 96 well plate. 37oC 30min then 
read in an ELISA plate reader at 562nm.
Great Assay. Easy and painless

Rob Powell

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