DNA Nomenclature

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In article <2l7ket$7j6 at mserv1.dl.ac.uk> mjones at crc.ac.uk (Dr. M.D. Jones)  
> Unfortunately to my mind, I find it logically to call it the reverse.  >  
> In that the mRNA carries the coding information, and the DNA
>  strand that is equivalent to this should be the coding strand,
>  but this is usually refered to as > > the  'non-coding'.

> Confusing eh :-)

We have also experienced this confusion among some in the lab, and you  
didn't mention (+) and (-) strand or Watson strand and Crick strand. So we  
have come to using a new nomenclature which we offer for general  
the Beavis strand and the Butthead strand. Sometimes hard to tell which is  
which, eh? Butthead being the smarter, yes?, although they may have the  
same father, of course is the template for transcription. Clear as mud  
(It's Friday pm and I needed a little venting - please minimize the "waste  
of bandwidth" flames)
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