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>Hi! Dear Netters:
>      I want to purify a protein with pI of 4.5 and MW of 35KD from plant
>leaves.  Now I consider to use a cation exchange column for this purpose. 
>I have no idea about the matrix I need to buy and the company I should go
>to.  If anyone has any suggestions or ideas about the purification of this
>protein, please reply to this email.  Thank you very much!

  At the risk of sounding rude, you might consider reading something about 
protein purification before launching into buying things.  Firstly with an 
acidic protein you would not likley use a cation exchange column.  I would 
suggest you check out any basic biochemistry lab manual and you will find 
guide lines for how to plan a purification.  You also need to supply more 
information about your protein if you want suggestions about purification.  
This is not meant as a flame, as a I think you have posted to the right 
place for help, but to be able to decide what to do with the advice you need 
some background :-).
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