parts to make automated oligo synthesizer

Mike Klopfer klopfer at
Fri Mar 4 22:18:34 EST 1994

I'm interested in making an oligonucleotide synthesizer (from scratch or at
least inexpensively) and was hoping I could get some help/pointers on getting 
parts. I saw a peptide synthesizer that was made from PTFE (whatever that is)
tubing and was hoping that this same kind of tubing could be used for a dna
synthesizer. Or at least some tubing that is flexible so that for valves I
can just pinch the tubing. Protocols that are as simple as possible while
still being inexpensive would be useful. I've seen the 1984 practical approach
book and the 1987? methods in enzymology but these start with making the
phosporamidites? which might be unnecessary since they are available
already prepared which would be preferable for developing a minimal 
contraption.  Thanks.

klopfer at

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