Marion Freistadt mfreis at lsumc.edu
Fri Mar 4 13:46:47 EST 1994

>In addition to Dialog and Paperchase, are there
>any other databases sources available for literature
>Any informatio appreciated.
>A. Alvarez

I can't tell if you want databases or software to reach data bases.  Also,
you don't indicate whether you are aware of the national library of
medicine's (NLM) state-of-the art extensive on-line literature data bases. 

Your tax dollars pay for NLM.  Access is through the internet, through
standard procedures.  Grateful Med is a cheap ($30),optional software
package to negotiate you through the nonobvious layers to get to NLM.  You
have to register and leave a deposit with NLM, because on-line time is not
free.  You can get Grateful med at the same time, I think. I've been using
it whenever I feel like it and the bills are ~$10 month or less.  

Call: MEDLARS Service Desk: 1-800-638-8480

I see they have an Internet address: gmhelp at gmedserv.nlm.nih.gov

Good luck.

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