Windows Mosiac experience?

mhollowa at mhollowa at
Fri Mar 4 20:43:23 EST 1994

Windows Mosiac crashes in spectacular fashion whenever I use it.  Any 
bionaut pushing WWW out there that can help me enter this brave new 
world?  The developers aren't responding to questions and there wasn't 
much response in  The only response I have from anyone 
that is using it states that he is not using Novell packet drivers like I 
am.  I'm using Mosiac ver 2 and Trumpet Winsock 1a.  Here's my setup:

LH /L:2,31072 d:\net\lsl
LH /L:2,21568 d:\net\ne2000
LH /L:2,30576 d:\net\ipxodi
lh d:\net\odipkt24
lh d:\winsock\winpkt 0x69
lh d:\net\netx 

This works fine for wnqvt and Hgopher.  Why should there be a problem 
with Mosiac?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Mike Holloway
mhollowa at

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