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Rick Hershberger (rphershb at facstaff.wisc.edu) wrote:
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: > I would specifically be interested in reviews for MacVector, Geneworks,
: > DNAsys, Gene construction Kit, MacPlasmid (??).

Have a look at the bionet.software group. This discussion has popped up
there quite often.

: Peter Markowitz (sp?) from UCLA has written an excellent overview of just
: about all of the available molecular biology software for the macintosh.  I
: don't know how current the file is, but it's available via anonymous ftp
: from ftp.bio.indiana.edu in directory /molbio/mac/pm-macinmolbio.txt.  I
: suspect the other files named pm-something are Peter's reviews also, and
: are applicable to your question.

There is also a couple of reviews by Harry Mangalam (I always get his last
name wrong :-(), the last of which appeared in Trends Biochem. Sci. last
year. Briefly, Harry recommends DNA Strider (Shareware, $200).


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