help with IVT

Fri Mar 4 14:29:50 EST 1994

hello everybody,

we would like some help with the processing of our in vitro trnaslation 
reactions in the retic system:  in summary, we are trying to visualize a 
protein band that runs at about 6 kD on an SDS-gel.  unfortunately, using 
retics, the band runs right under a big heme blob. we tried washing 
extensively the gel in fixing solution to remove the blob, but nothing 
really changed (plus we don't want to have a diffused band).  would anybody 
be able to suggest any method to clean the gel and make it presentable?  
by the way, the wheat germ system doesn't seem to work for us.

thank you,
stella tsirka
dept of pharmacology
suny at stony brook
email :stella at

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