Primer Design Programs for PC

Andrew Simmonds asimmond at
Fri Mar 4 13:28:12 EST 1994

Hi!  We are looking for a PC program to design PCR primers from a DNA 
sequence.  It should read 2, (or more), inputted sequences and choose the 
best primer match and also check for palindromes and complimentary 
sequences.  Cost IS a factor here, and we would like to find something in 
the reasonable, (shareware), range but any comments from those that have 
used commercial packages will also be greatly appreciated.  Also if there 
is a FAQ on this subject might somebody direct me to it's location?  
If this is indeed a new thread I will compile any and all info I receive 
and post it at a later date.  Thanks.  
Andrew Simmonds - Department of Genetics - University of Alberta CANADA
G216 Biological Sciences Centre
Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA T6G 2E9

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