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Roger Wiegand rcwieg at ccmail.monsanto.com
Fri Mar 4 14:11:30 EST 1994

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> We've been having some problems with automated (ABI) sequencing
>  of plasmid isolated with Wizard minipreps.  Any other
>  experiences?

My experience with Wizards ranges from fair to poor with a high degree of
variability. This is confirmed by the ABI tech rep. Side-by-side, Magics
were good (350-400 readable), Wizards poor (0-200 readable), and
Qiawell/Qiaprep mini's excellent (550+ readable) for sequencing the same
pBBR327-based plasmid from bugs (TG-1) grown up and aliquoted. (Done in
triplicate). The Qiagen kits are nice if you can afford them, which I can't
at any scale. The alkaline lysis/PEG pptn prep in the ABI manual is
reported to give very good sequence, next time I'll include it in my

rcwieg at ccmail.monsanto.com

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