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>>>"This friend" of mine wants to know if she can be nailed for
>>>discussing enzymes in this forum that she uses for PCR 
>>>which are not licensed for that purpose.
>>YES!!!  His name is Bob.  Bob is annoying.  Bob will throw a fit if he see's 
>>any reference to non-licensed PCR.  Bob will threaten "your friend" with 
>>mighty lawyers that his company keeps on retainer ready to sue anyone 
>>who uses a microliter or two of "unlicensed" PCR enzyme.
>>Bob is a waste of bandwidth.  :-}
>I am curious to know the exact nature of the patent they hold.  I assume
>it is on the process of PCR rather than simply on the name or on the
>enzyme.  Have they ever actually taken this issue to court?  It really
>seems inane that rapid changes in temperature could be patented.
>If I for some reason believed that, for example, the proofreading ability
>of some other polymerase was essential for my experiment could I then just
>call the thing "Proofreading PCR" and be safe?  
>The funny part of it all is that if the prices were comparable no one
>would likely care.  I assume they maintain high prices in order to pay the
>legal staff.
>Disclaimer: I don't work for anyone that cares one way or the other.
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The answer re the patents is that there are two important ones:
one covers the PCR process and the other does TaQ. Some of you
know that we (DuPont) did challenge the first and lost in court.
If you (Mike Marino or whomever else) wants info on the patents,
I'm sure I could hunt it up.

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