Redivue radionucleotides from Amersham

Allison Hanly a.hanly at
Tue Mar 8 00:27:06 EST 1994

On 7 Mar 1994 16:28:52 -0000, 

>    Recently our lab has switched to using the new Redivue 
>radionucleotides from Amersham.(For those who aren't 
>familiar with this product it apparently is nucleotide 
>containing a violet dye that allows the user to 'see' where 
>the radioactivity is).
>    Anyway since using the new product we have been getting 
>poor results with hot-PCR reactions that previously were 
>OK. This is also true for other reactions eg. sequencing, 
>    The big question is has anyone out there had similar 
>problems to us or are we just going thru a bad patch ;-)
>Any help or info would be gratefully appreciated even if 
>its just to corroborate our findings.

    I've yet to use the redivue for PCR or sequencing but have used the 
P32 dCTP for northern and Southern hybridisations without problems.


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