Windows Mosiac experience?

Jonathan B. Marder MARDER at
Mon Mar 7 02:07:47 EST 1994

In article <2l8o3r$8c at> mhollowa at writes:

>Windows Mosiac crashes in spectacular fashion whenever I use it.  Any
>bionaut pushing WWW out there that can help me enter this brave new
>world?  The developers aren't responding to questions and there wasn't
>much response in  The only response I have from anyone
>that is using it states that he is not using Novell packet drivers like I
>am.  I'm using Mosiac ver 2 and Trumpet Winsock 1a.  Here's my setup:

>LH /L:2,31072 d:\net\lsl
>LH /L:2,21568 d:\net\ne2000
>LH /L:2,30576 d:\net\ipxodi
>lh d:\net\odipkt24
>lh d:\winsock\winpkt 0x69
>lh d:\net\netx

>This works fine for wnqvt and Hgopher.  Why should there be a problem
>with Mosiac?

>Thanks in advance for any help.

>Mike Holloway
>mhollowa at

I am extremely pleased with how Win Mosaic is developing (I am now using 2.0
Alpha 2).  I also use the Trumpet Winsock (1.0 version Beta 5).
The only difference from your system is rather than using ODI, I use a packet
driver and PDIPX (I have found this to be more stable).  Keeping trying
because the result is well worth it:-)
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