Vector pMT010/A+ sequence wanted

Steve Eklund seklund at
Mon Mar 7 13:59:40 EST 1994

We are working with the metallothionein-promoter inducible vector
pMT010/A+, originally reported in K. H. Choo et al, DNA 5: 529 (1986),
and later used to drive v-myc (L. Bonham et al, Oncogene 6: 1073 (1991)).

We have the vector and have begun stitching p53 mutants into it, but we
do not have sequence information for it.  I have not found it on any
GenBank searches.  Anyone know if this vector is out there on the net

(Gift-horse-in-the-mouth dept.:  We are **very** grateful
to Dr. Choo for making the vector available to us, with or without a
sequence! :-)

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