Variable yields in T7 trascritpion

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Tue Mar 8 13:33:27 EST 1994

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> I am finding enormous variability in terms of yield of specific labeled RNA's
> from day to day in basic T7 transcriptions. I have compared various 
> buffers (80 mM Hepes, 40 mM TrisOac, 40 mM Tris-Cl) and juggled other
> components (BSA, NP-40, spermidine, Pyrophosphatase, RNAsin) and reaction 
> times (1h, 1.5h, 2 h) as well as nucleotide levels appropriate for 
> making internally labeled transcripts (50-200 uM limiting nucleotide
> and 0.5-3 mM of the other three).
> Overall, a particular working setup and template make work well one time
> in four or five.
> I believe that differnces may be related to low nucleotide levels, as 
> sythesizing cold RNA shows variability, but far less completely dismal
> yields.

Are you always using the same batch/lot of hot nucleotide? Are you

hot nucleotide or freeze-thawing each time?  Are you using DEPC-treated
Same batch across runs?  Are you freeze-thawing the cold nucleotides?  Are
nucleotides ph'd to around 7.0?  How big is the transcript you are trying
make?   Please e-mail me with answers or post again to newsgroup.
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