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Martin Kennedy mkennedy at
Tue Mar 8 21:13:50 EST 1994

In article <2lfko4$3i3 at>, WMGDDM <WMGDDM at CARDIFF.AC.UK> writes:
>     Recently our lab has switched to using the new Redivue 
> radionucleotides from Amersham.
		Stuff deleted..
>     Anyway since using the new product we have been getting 
> poor results with hot-PCR reactions that previously were 
> OK. This is also true for other reactions eg. sequencing, 
> etc.
>     The big question is has anyone out there had similar 
> problems to us or are we just going thru a bad patch ;-)
> > Dave Morgan          Institute of Medical Genetics

We're using it too, mainly for oligolabelling, and find it very convenient. 
However we've also done quite a few hot PCR's for probes.  These have 
tended to be inconsistent - some excellent, some lousy, for no obvious reason. 
I don't know whether the Redivue is the problem, as we have only started 
using PCR probes since we started getting Redivue - I'd be interested to see 
responses here.  I'd also be interested to learn if anyone else has suffered 
the same problem we have encountered with the stuff - significant 
volume loss during storage.  We get a 1mCi pots, and use them for
up to 3-4 weeks, but invariably we find we are up to 20ul or more short of the 
100ul supplied.  I presume this is due to evaporation, but has anyone else seen
this happen? 



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