Reliable 2D electrophoresis

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Tue Mar 8 10:05:47 EST 1994

Hi there fellow netters

We're thinking of buying Pharmacia's Multiphor electrophoresis system so
that we can use Immobiline strips as the first dimension in 2D gels, but
our local agents here have been somewhat tardy in their response to our
questions, so does anybody know of a comparable electrophoresis system
(and supplier) that can be used to give REPRODUCIBLE 2D GELS.

We have been using a Biorad system that uses tube gels (1mm diam) as the
first dimension IEF, but the transfer of such small tubes to the 2nd
dimension polyacrylamide gel can cause distortions etc. that kill

Comments about systems, suppliers, personal preferences/experiences are
all welcome.
If responses justify it, I'll post a summary.

Dieter Kieck <108kieck at>
Genetics Department
Wits University
South Africa

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