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>> > Is there a version of Mosaic for Macintosh?
>> Yes there is -- you should be able to get it by anonymous FTP from the U.
>> Michigan archive:  I don't remember which folder
>> it's in.
>The folder in is mac/util/network.  The archive's
>name is ncsamosaic1.03.sit.hqx--you will need decompression software to
>extract this archive.  You will also need MacTCP (and SLIP or PPP if you're
>dialing in) in order to make it all work.
>You will also need a whole lot of memory on the mac, one of the bugs is for
each http page, 200k of ram is used, not to mention the necessary memory for
the helper applications, I have found that it works best on our quadra 800
where we have at least 16 ( maybe 20-24) megs of ram.

One way to get around the memory problem is to save a favorite page as a

lieber at  goodluck mosaic is lots of fun

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