Dictyostelium HELP

Wed Mar 9 12:32:41 EST 1994

We are using Dictyostelium discoideum in a developmental biology teaching
lab.  Our problem is that we can't get it to grow predictably.  We are
using a culture from Carolina and their instructions say that we should
streak bacteria then sporocarps on a lactose agar plate.  When we do we
get a hell of  a lot of bacteria, and the mature sporocarps arise straight
out of the thick bacterial colonies.  We need the migrating slugs and they
are not apparent on the plates.  Can anyone help us here PLEASE, any method
that will allow us to get the slugs will help.  We aren't sure if we are
supposed to be making a lawn of bacteria from liquid culture (we aren't) then
innoculating with sporocarps.  Any help appreciated, if we are being just
plain ignorant (as oppossed to stupid...) tell us

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