Can MB be used to stain ssDNA uniquely?

Jun Li jl74 at COLUMBIA.EDU
Wed Mar 9 12:21:23 EST 1994

Dear Netters;
	I have learned the MB staining of DNA from this 
wonderful netland. I am used to staining my sample both
EtBr (for a quick check) and MB (for great fun). Recently,
I encountered a surprise in my staining. 
	I have a gel which contains a ssDNA sample (6kb).
The mobility of ss is seen slower than the linearized dsDNA
when EtBr is used for the staining. and then, I used MB
to stain the gel. Except the same ss band I saw in EtBr,
an additional band in a much lower place (about 1kb) is
apparently stained by MB. Assuming that EtBr is more sensitive
than MB (any doubts?), the stain by MB not by EtBr is 
not because of the DNA quantity.
        So, I would like to know any explanation about this.
I would appreciate it if someone can point me to a reference
about the mechanism of MB staining.

Best regards to all.

Jun Li

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