RAPD Users ?

Steve Dobson dobson at mendel.berkeley.edu
Wed Mar 9 11:46:18 EST 1994


				I'm thinking of devoting some valuable time to using RAPD techniques to
find molecular markers for a chromosome.  I would greaty appreciate any
imput from people with experience.  


										1)  What parameters (in both preparation of my specimen and      
                   amplification) are most important to obtaining good and 
                   consistant results ?  

	         2)  How many bands can I expect from a single decamer primer ?  

          3)  What about combining primers to expedite my search for a
                   marker ?  What is the upper limit of number of primers
                   begin with ? 

          4)  Will I have problems convincing people that my RAPD "marker"
                   really an artifact ?  What level of consistancy can be 
                   reasonably expected ?

Any imput will be greatly appreciated.  Please reply via e-mail to:

                              Steve Dobson
		                      dobson at mendel.berkeley.edu

Thank you very much,


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