In Vivo Transfection

Jim Woodgett jwoodget at
Wed Mar 9 10:14:40 EST 1994

> Does anyone know a way to transfect in vivo, I'm working on chick
> embryos and was wondering if I could transfect in some DNA to a select
> area.  I have retroviral vectors, but that's not going to do what I am
> trying to accomplish. 
> Sue Jeffrey
> sjeffrey at

You could try bolistic transfection. This method involves coating particles 
with DNA and literally shooting them at cells or organisms using explosive 
pressure.  As an example, there's a paper by   Lauren Pecorino, Don Lo and 
Jeremy Brockes in the February 94 (I think) issue of Development using 
bolistic transfection to express reporters in newt cells.  The downside is 
the expense of the device, but if it works........

Jim Woodgett

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