Dyes for PCR

Randy P. Rasmussen Rasmussen at Bioscience.utah.edu
Wed Mar 9 12:55:23 EST 1994

In article <763154840snz at genesys.demon.co.uk>, Duncan at genesys.demon.co.uk
(Duncan Clark) wrote:

> Thanks for all the responses but could someone actually list the dyes.

I have used two different dyes in PCR reactions and they do not interfere. 
One is tartrazine (Sigma T-0388), it is yellow and runs faster than xylene
Cyanole.  The other is Cresol Red (C-9877) it is red and runs between
bromophenol blue and xylene.

By the way you can also add ficoll 400 (0.5 to 1% final concentration) or
sucrose (2% final concentration) to your PCR buffer to aid in loading into
gels.  Neither of these causes any problems with the reaction.

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