Removal of RNA from minipreps

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> Are there any reliable methods of removing RNA from alkaline minipreps
> of plasmid DNA?  We do not have an ultracentrifuge at our institution.
> The plasmid well serve as template in Promega's coupled TnT system
> using SP6, so I would like to avoid RNase. I've not had very good luck
> with NaOH hydrolysis of the RNA.  Any advice would be appreciated.
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I have been using a PEG precipitation after RNase treatment of my
minipreps, and with one or two phenol extractions to get rid of residual
RNase I don't have problems doing in vitro transcriptions.  For the
reference to PEG precipitation check Maniatis or look in the Promega
catalog for their recommended midiprep procedure.  Original ref I think is
a Methods in Enzymology paper by John Lis from the early 80's.  You can
also separate DNAs by size with this method.  Only requires a mocrofuge!

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