"air" type thermal cyclers

Majed Abu-Hajir abuhajir at post.its.mcw.edu
Thu Mar 10 13:23:29 EST 1994

Marcella E Grebus (mgrebus at magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu) wrote:
: hey folks,

: does anyone here work with one of those "air" type thermal-cyclers?
: the kind that cycles air instead of using a heat block.

: our lab is interested in looking into them, because we need to
: get another thermal-cycler, and i've heard that the ones that
: rely on air circulation reduce ramping times significantly but
: may have some disadvantages.

: i'd appreciate any advice, experience, comments, ordering/manufacturer
: information [eg, 1-800 number].  if there's interest, i'd be happy
: to post a summary of e-mails received.

: also, if you feel strongly that a particular type of thermal-cycler
: is the "best", let's discuss pro's and con's.  i'm really open to
: any brand/model.

: thanks in advance,
: --marcy  <mgrebus at magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu>

I am looking into using one myself. I have not started yet. The way I
understand it: the Air Thermal cyclers have the advantage of faster cycling,
as you mentioned and the capability to run several types of reactions (ie: in
tubes, or plates or slides for In Situ amplificatin). A disadvatage is that
some people feel you should avoid radioactive materials because of dificulty 
in cleaning the air thermal cycler and that may become a source of 

One resource for such cyclers is Integrated Separation Systems, Tel
1-800-433-6433 or 508-655-1500 Fax 508-655-8501. These guys have acquired a
product that used to be marketed by BIOS in the past (BIOSycler) and call it
ISS Pro-Oven I ($3290) and they also are advertising a new enhanced product
they call ISS Pro-Oven III ($4290), both are programmable and the more
enhanced model seems to be impressive (at least in their advertising). My
only experience with ISS was calling them for technical support for the old
BIOSycler I found laying around in our lab, they have been very prompt and
helpful in their replies to me although we never bought anything from them.

This all what I know about this issue.

I will appreciate a summary posted to the Newsgroup.
Thanks in advance.

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