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Fri Mar 11 05:25:12 EST 1994

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dkim at  <dkim at> wrote:

>I got the citation for using silicone grease in phenol extractions:
>Mukhopadhyay, T. and J.A. Roth "Silicone lubricant enhances recovery of
>nucleic acids after phenol-chloroform extraction" Nucleic Acids Research.
>21(3):781-182. 1993. 
>The silicone grease I use is Beckman cat. no.  335148
>I hope this helps.
>Daniel Kim

Dear Netters,

Has anyone used material produced this way for Northerns or Southerns?
(or material from "insta-preps")
I'm just wondering if there would be any problems with the grease on the



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