What is the gt in lambda gt10 or gt11?

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Sun Mar 13 13:57:33 EST 1994

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>[big whopping deletion]
>The 'gt' label was good
>advertising for Young and Davis, but is it good terminology?
	The "gt" label *preceeds* Rick Young by nearly a decade.
Why else do you think it's lambda-gt11? Further, it was Huhyn &
Davis who built lambda-gt10. Kevin Struhl, Dan Stinchcomb, Stew
Scherer, Tom St. John & others in Ron Davis' lab cloned a
striking array of Saccharomyces genes in the mid-70s using a
replacement vector called lambda-gt4. If I remember correctly,
Thomas & Davis (1974, PNAS) described the initial vector of the
Davis lab series, called lambda-gt, with the numeral-one suffix

	I have it on good authority (i.e., one of the above-named
Who Was There) that "gt" stands for "garbage truck", referring to the
obvious fact & intent that these vectors could haul around any DNA
one chose. I rather doubt it's in any of the publications, so it's
your choice to believe me or dismiss me as a crank.


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