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Sun Mar 13 05:03:28 EST 1994

In article <9403110150.AA17071 at>, helgew at LJCRF.EDU writes:
> Martin A Kennedy (E-mail = mkennedy at wrote:
> [lotsa stuff deleted]
>>1.      Grow 1.5ml O/N in 2xYT.
> [more deleted]
> Martin,
>         does this work with LB as well?
> cheers,
> helge

Hi Helge,

I used to use LB, but the yields never seemed as good;  2xYT is richer, so that
makes sense.  A lot of folk also seem to use terrific broth (TB), but the
yields from 2xYT cultures seem good enough for most purposes.

One point worth mentioning is that I still do 35-S manual sequencing; one of
the people in our Lab just tried getting some sequencing of these types of
preps done with 2 different ABI fluorescent machines, with no luck.  It seems
additional clean up steps are necessary to get this to work.

Good luck,



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