peptide antibodies

Peggy Kolm kolm at
Sun Mar 13 02:32:15 EST 1994

Dear netters, 
		I am interested in making peptide antibodies to two Hox genes I have been

studying.  I will be using these antibodies primarily for in situ
hybridization.  The reason for making antibodies to peptides is twofold:
1: The proteins I am studying have several long stretches of sequence i
identity. I need the antibodies to be as specific as possible. 2: There
are companies that will do all the work - make the peptide, inject the 
rabbits, etc.
	I have several questions for anyone with experience in this area:
	How do you determine the best region of the protein to use?
 What length peptide is optimal? Is a mixture of peptides necessary?
I would appreciate any suggestions.  Thanks in advance.
Peggy Kolm (kolm at

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