Comments on Locus pocus-Novagen

Matthew Wakefield genmjw at
Sat Mar 12 23:55:44 EST 1994

Does anyone have any experience with the Novagen Locus Pocus transposon
insertion "subcloning" system?  Does it work? Can you use vectors other
than the pOCUS vector supplied (eg ZAP)?
Will I have to throw money at novagen hand over fist to continue using the
system after I have bought the kit or can I make my own stocks of cells,
vectors and primers?
Does anyone else supply a simmilar system?
If you dont know what this kit does it inserts a transposon into your
vector that you then screen by pcr to find one in the position you want,
and use the amplified PCR product for sequencing template.  Theoretically
you can go from clone to colonies O/N, do your PCR and PCR sequencing the
next day, run on a ALF or ABI O/N and have sequence in 3 days!

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