plastic disposable columns

Allison Hanly a.hanly at
Sat Mar 12 21:33:45 EST 1994

On Fri, 11 Mar 1994 20:15:36 GMT, 
donald seto  <don at> wrote:

>princeton separations sells a eppendorf sized disposable G-50 column for
>purifying fluorescently labeled DNA products for the ABI 373A
>sequencer-does anyone know where i can buy just the columns?

Biorad sell empty "biospin" columns. These can be used in conjunction with
a 1.5ml microtube for spin column applications. (They can also be used for
gravity applications). I don't know if these are suitable for you. The 
exact dimensions are 0.64 x 6cm and they hold upto 1.2ml of chromotography

cat no: 732-6008 (100 empty columns)


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