Designing IPCR primers

Emily Lawson elawson at
Mon Mar 14 11:40:41 EST 1994

Dear netters,

I want to design primers for IPCR from a published sequence of a maize
transposon.  I'm working on a Mac, and using "Primer" which I dragged down
from the archives. However it doesn't want to believe that I might want to
PCR outwards rather than inwards.  Other than cutting the sequence in half,
reversing it and sticking it back together I'm not sure what I can do about
this.  I can't find any other program that might help me do this.  I
wondered if anyone might have an alternative program I could use, or any
other helpful suggestions (perhaps a patch for Primer?) other than "Do it
by eye you drongo".  I've never designed primers before and it's very
important that these work first time since my boss is a little sceptical
about the whole experiment and not too keen on shelling out lots of money
to make lots of primers.  Any comments gratefully received, replies by
email will be summarised and posted back,

Many thanks in advance,

Emily Lawson, elawson at

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