Advantages of 33-P

Dan Diaz bl275 at cleveland.Freenet.Edu
Tue Mar 15 00:35:12 EST 1994

In a previous article, jow at (Jim Owens) says:
>I have reasoned this way myself.  But is not the product with
>[35-S]dATP(alpha-S) that heat labile sulfate diester?  Why would this be
>more stable than one generated by 33-P decay?
>Perhaps the radiodecay of phosphorus to sulfur leads to the problem and
>not heat instability of the sulfate diester?  I believe the problem also
>occurs with 32-P -> 32-S.

Use of dATP(alpha-S) leads to the formation of phosphorothioates, whose
structure is:
      5'-dN~ O P O ~dA-3'

which is still a (thio)phosphate diester and not thermolabile, as are sulfate


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