New Phage ssDNA preparation kit <-- well not really a kit ;-)

John Nash nash at
Tue Mar 15 13:57:57 EST 1994

Hi folks,

I was reading an old issue of Biotechniques yesterday, and I happened
to glance at an article describing a really neato quick method of
preparing ssDNA for sequencing.  I decided to ask if anybody had tried
it, and what they thought, since I have no ssDNA of my own to
sequence... zillions of PCRs to do, but no ssDNA to sequence.

(I don't have the article name, but it's in Biotechniques, vol 15, no

What the researchers did was to PEG/NaCl precipitate their phage,
resuspend it in TE (25 or 30 ul from memory), and then boil it for 2
min. They directly sequenced the boilate.

Anybody tried this?

Yours in lunchtime newsreading curiousity,

John Nash                           (nash at
Institute for Biological Sciences,  National Research Council of Canada,
                 Yet another Aussie-in-exile ;-)
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