Freezing Antibodies...

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Tue Mar 15 11:36:04 EST 1994

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asimmond at (Andrew Simmonds) wrote:
> I just bought some FITC-conjugated anti DIG antibody from Boeringer 
> Mannhiem and before I re-constitute and aliquot it I have a question.  The 
> package insert makes a brief reference to storage at -20C.  Now anything 
> I have heard leads me to believe that the proper storage is at +4C... 
>  BM mentions a 2 month shelf life at +4C once reconstituted but can I indeed 
> store part of the mix at -20C and in doing so store it for longer?  
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Yep, you can freeze them.  Either the antibody is at a high concentration
or they hve added something (BSA, sucrose, ?) that 'protects' the antibody
freezing.  You may want to make aliquots and freeze them so that your
won't go through lots of feeze-thaw cycles.  You can always call the
technical services to get their reasoning behind their recommendations.


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