Search for a TA3Ha (expression) library

hvos at hvos at
Tue Mar 15 06:49:26 EST 1994

Request for TA3Ha cDNA (expression) library

Hello world,
   I wondered whether anyone could share a cDNA library of the murine 
mammary carcinoma cell line TA3Ha with us? This is the only cell line that
expresses epiglycanin, the protein we would like to clone. An
expression library would be wonderful, but we would be happy with 
a normal library as well.

                 Thanks in advance,

                         Hans Vos
                         Div. of Tumor Biology
                         Netherlands Cancer Institute
                         Plesmanlaan 121
                         1066 CX Amsterdam
                         the Netherlands / Holland
                         tel 31-20-512 2018
                         fax 31-20-512 2029
                         e-mail in%"hvos at" 

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