What is the gt in lambda gt10 or gt11?

Gregory Harriman gregoryh at bcm.tmc.edu
Tue Mar 15 17:25:10 EST 1994

In article <19940311181832.smithwhi at preiss2.bch.msu.edu>,
smithwhi at students.msu.edu  (Brian Smith-White) wrote:

> If you use M13 to clone - in contrast to subcloning - you
> deserve all the problems you encounter.
> If you had read the original literature ...

> If you had read the original literature ...

> Maybe if you spent a little of your "net time" with any introductory genetics 
> text while considering the subtle points of identity between superficially 
> different events, we would be relieved of this burden to rename the wheel.

Really unnecessary, don't you think?  Must of had a bad day!


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