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   ZACHARIAS at Meena.CC.URegina.CA (Tracey Zacharias) writes:
>I have received a cDNA library cloned into lambda nm1149 and am wondering
>what the host cells should be.  It has been suggested that I use POP-13
>but I cannot find any reference to it.
>Does anybody have any suggestions for the host cells (i.e. gen
>Thanks for the help!
>Tracey Zacharias

     I have used NM1149.  The host cells I used were as follows:-
      Selective host - C600
      Non selective host - SM32 (for growing up non-recombinant NM1149)

    I hope this helps.
          Simon Futers (futers at
     PS Do you work with Neil Ashton??

Dear Tracey,

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