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  Ding Ming writes:

>In article <Dress-150394100618 at chuck.biosci.arizona.edu>,
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>> Pharmacia also describes a silver-staining technique in  the Phast-gel
>> system
>> manual, they may have a separate technical bulletin they'd send you
>> (probably
>> not for free, they are real tightwads).  
>You are right. I have been a Pharmacia customer since 1982, long time
>before they took over LKB, and we bought a lot of stuff from them in
>hundreds of thousand dollars. I have this feeling that they are realy
>stingy recently.
>Two weeks ago, I called their customer service to ask for a FPLC
>instruction manual for two reasons:1)our original manual was lost; 2)we are
>planning to buy a new one. The lady on the phone told me that I should
>receive it within 10 to 15 days although I asked for express delivery.
>Yesterday, a lady from Pharmacia called me again and told me that there
>will be no manual for me but I can order one from them and it costs $17. I
>immediately cancelled the $25,000 order and  certainly, Pharmacia saved $17

Thats cheap! How about #140 for ABI Genescan manual, #72 for ABI #373A 
manual, #42 for ABI sequencing quick reference guide! We have just 
purchased a 373A to serve 2 research groups and each wanted their own 
set of manuals.... OUCH!!!!!!!!

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