Autoradiograph Binders??

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>I was wondering if anyone could direct me to a supplier of binders for storing
>sequencing autoradiographs. We are currently engaged in a rather large 
>sequencing project and would like to have a better way to file away our 
>autoradiographs. Any information I could get would be appreciated.

Stratagene sells binders for 40 14"x17" films @#45 each in UK. If this 
seems rather pricy (if it doesn't, can I have some of your surplus budget 
please :-) ), maybe your local computer supplier's catalogue will have 
binders for 132 column, 12" printout which could be adapted. If you are 
feeling really stingy, recycle the boxes the film came in, they are 
usually pretty robust , we are using ones 4 years old and they haven't 
fallen to bits yet!! .

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