Isolating High MW DNA from Gel- Best Way??

the End jgraham at
Thu Mar 17 08:42:13 EST 1994

I am able to isolate large amounts of vector fragments of 11 Kb only if
I directly use the "freeze-squeeze" or a filter to remove as much
solid agarose and use the eluate directly. Of course, the 
slice-freeze-spin is my favorite. The problem comes in when 
attempts are made to further purify material contained in a gel slice
by binding to various matices, organic extraction, or even by 
ethanol percipitation. DNA prepared in this way is perfectly 
suitible for ligation (only 2-3 fold reduced efficincey) use as
a transcription template, end labeling, or use as a restriciton or
PCR target.

J. Graham

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