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Thu Mar 17 22:46:27 EST 1994

I, for one, have no complaint about Pharmacia.  I have many $$$$ in either
Pharmacia or LKB (now part of Pharmacia) equipment, and have found it to
be very reliable.  I, too, find the little books very helpful and would
like some free new ones, but I realize that SOMEONE has to pay for those
freebees- if not the user, then the next person who buys Pharmacia
products.  I can't see complaining about having to pay for a new
instruction manual- it's like any other part for a piece of equipment.
Everyone would like scientific equipment and supplies to be cheaper, but
FREE seems a little much to expect.
Just my $.02 worth- no connection with Pharmacia (other than spending $$ there).
 In article <Dress-150394100618 at chuck.biosci.arizona.edu>,
> Dress at biosci.arizona.edu (Virginia Dress) wrote:
>Hooray for you! I hope you let Pharmacia know that you cancelled a HUGE
>order because they were pimping you over for a $17 manual.  Perhaps your
>rep could have been of help, it varies a lot. 
>They used to send out for free these nice little booklets on
>Ion Exchange, Gel Filtration etc., which had nice, simple, practical
>on what you needed to know to do a basic column.  But these are no longer
>they charge you, or if you buy LOTS of column stuff from them they will
>give them to you.  I wonder how much they've lost by becoming tightwads
>about these
>little booklets.
>Also, they charge an awful lot for their equipment and it seems that every
>has this one little part that breaks on a regular basis (planned
>like for the spiral fraction collectors it's the tube sensor.  Of course,
>only break DURING a run and when the tube sensor goes out your fractions go
>down the toilet.  
>Perhaps everyone who has had a problem with Pharmacia should copy the above
>message, sign it and send it to Pharmacia.  Might not change their policies
>but it would sure make me feel better.  So I will start the ball rolling, I
>am going to send the above message to Pharmacia (Ding Ming -- do you want
>name and address deleted???? Let me know)  I hope you will all do the same,
>Ralph Nader would be proud.
>Virginia Dress
>dress at biosci.arizona.edu
>U of AZ

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