TA cloning

KRUEGER, CHARLES M krueger at rigel.tamu.edu
Thu Mar 17 14:45:00 EST 1994

	Recently I read a posting in this group that described
a detailed method for converting smaI blunt digested pUC19
into a TA cloning vector for PCR fragments.  I wanted to
make a copy of this interesting posting.  However, the
posting is no longer available.  I don't fully understand
the life cycle of posted articles.  Is there a way in which
I can still retrieve that posting or is it gone forever?
I tried marking the entire group as unread, but this did
not help.  No emergency.  I just wanted a file copy.
				Charles M. Krueger
				Texas A&M Univ.
				College Station, Texas USA
				Krueger at ZEUS.tamu.edu
				72714.2240 at Compuserve.com

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