{DNA isolation from plant cell

Peter Gegenheimer peterg at rnaworld.bio.ukans.edu
Sat Mar 19 00:56:55 EST 1994

In <CMssFn.630 at ucdavis.edu>, ez008413 at dale.ucdavis.edu (Gabby Romero) writes:
>Could anybody please help me with DNA isolation from plant culture cells? 
>I have tried the CTAB method as usually done for plant tissues eg. 
>leaves, although I did not freeze the cells in liquid nitrogen prior to 
>grinding.  I used about 7 g fresh weight of the culture cells (rice) but 
>didn't see any sign of yield after addition of isopropanol.  I haven't 
>proceeded since.  

Two points. First, could you send me or post the references for your CTAB procedure, 
as there are two different ones (1 rigorous, 1 simple). Second, when you use any 
similar procedure with plant LEAVES, the grinding in LN2 must NOT be omitted. I 
realize that if your cultured cells are finely dispersed, they'll be hard to grind; 
but unless you have spheroplasted them, how will you break open the cell wall?

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