Poor capillary transfer?

Tony Sanchez tsanchez at eye1.eye.ufl.edu
Fri Mar 18 11:20:47 EST 1994

		Until we get our vacuum blotter, we are transfering our northerns
using 10xSSC capillary transfer overnite. But what we are finding is that
even after 16 hr transfer, only the 18S band is transfering, while the
higher stuff is staying very nicely in the gel. I have made sure that
there are enough paper towels and enough buffer in the reservoir. I was
thinking that maybe the weight I put on top of the paper towels is too
heavy, thus crushing the gel and preventing transfer of HMW bands. Any
other ideas?

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have you thought about trying  downwards blotting.   A collegue of mine uses it 
regulary for Northerns with great success.  A reference for this is Biotechniques 
16:58-59 (1994).
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